Jatin .

  • Name
  • Jatin .
  • Age
  • 21
  • Height
  • 5.7
  • Complexion
  • 123
  • About Jatin
  • Shot for a small sequence in Simbaa-A Rohit Shetty Film.

    Shot for a small part in an indie feature film titled An Hour Before Death.

    Shooting for an independent feature film titled Kshama.

    *Television Commercials*

    Shot for Dabur Odomos TVC.

    Shot for Disney's new TVC

    Shot for Mervelle Hair Oil TVC

    Shot for Cotton King UltraTVC

    Shot for Azar mobile app TVC

    Shot for Airtel TVC.

    Shot for Nokia TVC with Alia Bhatt.

    Shot for Dhaaga Digital ad film

    Shot for Yahoo Digital.

    *Short films*

    Shot for Playtime-A short film

    Shot for Sexual harrasment at work place-A short film for Mahindra.

    A short film on Journey of emotions with a director from Uk.

    Shot for Another victim-short film on domestic violence.

    Shot for Therapist-Short film on Rape.

    *Theatre(9years and continuing)*

    Done a theatre play named Charlie and the tin can.(3 shows and continuing)

    Done a theatre play named The Japanese wife.

    Done a theatre play named Abhirakshak.(4 shows).

    Currently doing a play named Hothouse (English play).

    Done short scenes from Macbeth and King of Mathura for Actor Prepares.

    *Web Series*

    Done a video shoot for The Viral Dope channel.

    Done an episode of Bachelor's with Tvf.

    Done a web series named Make-up room with a very well known cast..

    *Music Video*

    Done a music video for Yash Raj Films.

    *Print shoot*

    Shot for Killer Jeans

    Shot for Dmart

    Shot for a conceptual shoot with a photographer.

    *Assistant Director/Crew*

    Worked as an ads intern in Bachelor's season 2 with TVF.

    Worked as an Assistant Art Director for a show with Zee Cafe.

    Unit Production Manager for a short film produced by Mukesh Chhabra.