Life of a Girl Model:

          As I was from a small town it was very obvious that it will be a rough path for me to become a successful model. Although my mom used to support me but my dad was very strict & was against modelling. He wanted me to become a Doctor. No doubt in that my father was thinking about my future & I would have a lavish life after becoming a doctor. But my passion was something different. As I knew nothing comes easy in life, I’ll have to fight hard & even more because I was from a small town where people’s mentality was way different & that was the main reason 
why my dad was against modelling.

          And it all started from my college where they were going to conduct a fashion show on annual day for the very first time. The day when I heard that news I was on the 7 th cloud. So I participated in my annual function although I knew that my dad will kill me after hearing this. It was a surprise for me as I was selected by the judge for a brand shoot. One side I was extremely happy on the other hand I was afraid of my father. After all these issues I somehow managed to come to Mumbai in a modelling industry.

The journey is not that easy what it seems to be. When it comes to modelling things are just twisted & turns specially if you’re a girl & you’re from a small town. For girls it could make you feel a bit easy but overall nothing is easy at all.

Starting from the edges & going ahead till the end to over shadow that mindset, which makes them feel behind sometimes. From stepping out from the fully closed family to surviving alone in a new city. From self- growing to that stage where the actual explosion of talent happens. Sums up all things are just easy to read but takes years to build up that clean path where a girl can work on her own terms. Whatever it takes, whatever is required.