Impact of people reacting on the law 377:

          I never had A courage to tell my parents. In fact, I didn’t even want to tell my relatives about this but because of social media they came to know. So, when they found out about this the first, they wanted me to take to a psychiatrist because apparently, they “I need help”. Imagine their surprise, when indeed talking to me he told my relatives to understand and accept the way I am. They had a tough time and are still trying to come to terms with it, but they haven’t told my parents about it.

 At least they were respecting my privacy. But then after comes a law of section 377 [an acceptance for all the transgenders]. This could be the best thing of my life. Now I don’t hide from people who really, I am. I am proud that I am a Gay. As sooner or later even my parents will accept the way I am.